Character Themes

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This character was a member of the secret service of either of the brothers. While they have brought valuable information to Haven, the colony has been suspicious of this character’s past.
BONUS: Feat (Stealthy), Knowledge (Local) +2. Will be given priveleaged information.
REQUIREMENT: Elf (preferred), Must have an undesirable secret.

This character the personal protector of an important cleric who was captured in the war. In their care is the cleric’s visionary daughter, age five. The Guardian is compelled to find the cleric.
BONUS: Knowledge (Religion) +2, character has a page at their disposal
REQUIREMENT: Lawful Good (preferred), Human (preferred)

This character was an accomplished student of runic arts at the Academy of Wizardry. They are one of a dozen people known to be able to scribe a rune correctly. A laboratory was built in the refuge to help the Sage inscribe a few runes for the small council.
BONUS: Craft (Runes) +2, Laboratory +2

In the era of the brothers studies, some of their experiments resulted in some horrific accidents. During the war, the brothers bred a new race. Each was imbued with elemental energy to make them stronger in battle. The race went extinct at the conclusion of the war, leaving the Creature as the last of its kind.
BONUS: Choose an energy type. +1d6 damage of the chosen energy type to a non-magic attack once per round. DR 5/chosen type.
REQUIREMENT: Charisma 8 or less.

Responsible for scavenging the wasteland for food. This character had a history of trapping and skinning exotic creatures from distant lands for the wealthy before the Brothers War.
BONUS: Craft (trapping) +2, Animal Companion

Responsible for the fungus and root farming that keeps the colony alive. Works in close collaboration with the Sage.
BONUS: Feat (Brew Potion), Craft (Alchemey) +2, Profession (Herbalist) +2, Laboratory +2, some access to crafting materials.

This character leads a small group of guards to keep peace among the colonists and drive away dangerous creatures in the caverns.
BONUS: Profession (soldier) +2, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +2, Feat (lesser Leadership)

This character was a celebrated warrior of the coliseum before the games were concluded. Their reputation was of a heartless savage. They found themselves in the arena because of their work as an accomplished thug and criminal.
BONUS: Intimidate +2, Feat (Power Attack)
REQUIREMENT: Must have gladiator nemisis, non-Good

This character was once a prominent member in a noble family. They are familiar with many of the powerful families and their secrets. This character is hopeful they will be able to recover their families great wealth and estate.
BONUS: Knowledge (royalty) +2, possible to regain lost great wealth.

Guildmaster of the Morgart dwarven masons who maintain Haven and hold the key to its door.
BONUS: Profession (Mason) +2, posses +1 Guildmaster’s warhammer (can cast stone shape per day equal to level)

The Entertainer
This leader of a troupe of Halfling tumblers, acrobats and actors performs weekly for Haven to lift their spirits.
BONUS: Perform (your choice) +2, Theather +2 to Perform checks. Feat (Deceiteful)

This character was recruited to Haven by Oleg to practice thier craft.
BONUS: Craft (your choice) +2, Profession (your choice) +2, access to high volume of crafting materials.

Master of Arms
This character maintains the armory and keeps the guards equipped. They are an accomplished smith capable of creating magic arms and armor.
BONUS: CRAFT (arms) +2, Craft (armor) +2, Feat (Craft Magical Arms and Armor), Smithy

Lore Keeper
Concerned that civilization is nearing an end, Oleg hired a gnomish librarian and had his records transported over in five ships.
BONUS: Knowledge (planes) 2, Knowledge (history) +2, Knowledge (Geography), Archive (1 to all knowledge checks)

A former employee of the Tower, the engineer is capable of building a number of things.
BONUS: Feat (Craft Wounderous Item), Feat (Craft Construct), access to some components.

Character Themes

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