Races of Tyrallyl

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Two nationalities of Dwarves exist in Tyrallyl. The industrious Morgart and the insidious Drogor. Both are profoundly connected to the earth and embody dwarven toughness and determination. The Morgart beleive in tradition and discipline while the Drogor are much more reckless and sinister.
ABILITIES: Earthshift (Passing through stone and regenerating at a slow rate)

Four races of elves exist in the world: the high Veronian Elves of the river plains, the Children of Alora of the old forest, the Neptula of the sea, and the mysterious Ralor of the Wastelands. While they are few in numbers, the elves are always of great influence of the land.
ABILITIES: Veronian +2 Arcana, Alora +2 Nature, Neptula +2 Swim, Ralor +2 Bluff

While the humans have no nation to call their own, they are the most prolific of the civilized races. Their kind make up the majority of workers, farmers, soldiers and servants in the world. Some small human towns stand under their own leadership, but there has never been a human domain.
ABILITIES: Resilience (+1 to all saves)

The oldest and rarest of all the races, it is said that the gnomes are born with an old soul. In ages past, the little gnomes used magic to control all the land. After a violent uprising, their numbers and their authority went into decline. Seeking to maintain peace and work on their studies, they took residence in the fertile Acharus islands. To maintain the peace, they exiled the malevolent Vokor family to the Wastelands to ensure their powerful magic would never again fall into the wrong hands.
ABILITIES: Achar (History +2), Vokor (Spell Resistance +2)

Similar to the humans in their spirit of adventure, the Halflings are found everywhere. However, a proud group of Halfling Warriors established the coastal trading city of Hillit in the Wastelands as the one true safe place. Their penchent for business and profit is legendary.
ABILITIES: Uncanny (Once per day, +2 to any single roll)

Races of Tyrallyl

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