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Why did I chose Pathfinder?

After trying to use the fourth edition of Dungeon’s and Dragons for years, I have given up on it. The system is too bland, too complicated at higher levels, too safe for players and too combat oriented. Some of my fondest memories are of third edition campaigns in college. After reading the Pathfinder materials, I see they have enhanced the edition I love the most. While I would be curious to try Fiasco, Dresden Files, and other systems someday, I am more than content to stick to my favorite high fantasy system. In the interest of simplicity, I ask that players stick to core Pathfinder books for this campaign.

My Preferences

I tend to run story oriented games where the action revolves more around characters and events then monsters and treasure. That being said, I respect that everyone enjoyes different aspects of the game. Before each campaign, I like to survey the group to see if they are looking for combat, exploration, narrative or anything else.

Group Narrative

I strongly encourage my players to add to the campaign as much as they like. Character backgrounds, downtime journal entries, new quests, new characters and other story ideas add to the depth of the story. While this kind of player involvement is voluntary, it will be incentivized with experience, items, abilities or other powers.


This is where video games and tabletop games are different for me. I don’t mind if your World of Warcraft rogue is first in dps in your guild on every raid. That is the objective of a MMORPG and it doesn’t hurt anyone else. At the table, powergaming can unbalance the numerical aspects of the game and overshadow other players. I ask that players avoid optimizing their attack bonus or direct damage to absurd levels. Skill optimization can get a little silly sometimes too. “Min/Maxing” normally involves bending rules and it requires that I respond with similarly busted monsters, traps and challenges. If you want to be the best jumper, conjurer, charmer, or crafter, I will fully support you. If you get thriteen attacks per round and do nothing else, you will force me to use a DM meteor.


I am grateful that the overwhelming majority of people I play with are wonderful. That being said, I have a couple ground rules to keep in mind. If you can’t make it to the game, just call or text me as soon as you can. No guilt, no punishment (other than your character’s aweful decapitation). We can still swing a game down one or two people, but if there will be less than that, we’ll want to switch to board games or another activity. I also like to minimize distractions at the table. For this reason, I try not to have a tv on in the background or people playing their handhelds at the table. Also, try to make sure your behavior isn’t upsetting anyone else. You might think it’s funny to ask about elven wenches in every town, but I gaurentee the rest of the table isn’t laughing. Again, I don’t really expect any of this to be a problem.

DM's Notes

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