Classes of Tyrallyl

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In a world without law, Barbarians are everywhere. Some as noble wandering warriors. Others as cruel pillagers of the weak. There is never a shortage of independent violent miscreants in Tyrallyl.

Without meaningful civilization, appreciation for the music and the arts has fainted almost entirely. Some warlords keep a bard to boost the morale and ensure the loyalty of their troops. Most bards exist now to chronicle the end of days for Tyrallyl.

With the sudden and bizarre absence of the gods, there are no more clerics left in Tyrallyl. Few remain who look for them, but their prayers continue to go unanswered.

There is still refuge in the wild untouched wilderness of Tyrallyl. The areas that aren’t frozen under a massive glacier or incinerated in fields of Lava are ovverrun with primal creatures. In these dangerous forrests live the druids who celebrate a time without the cruel reach of the Republic.

Without national armies, most formally trained fighters are the product of the war, having served as a soldier for one of the man factions. Their skills are prized in a time where much is decided by the sword.

There are no monks in Tyrallyl.

Like the clerics, Paladins are similarly lost without the direction of their gods. Most serve as common mercenaries for lack of another purpose. A few paladins champion the cause of recovering the gods.

The skills of the Ranger are the most coveted. Foraging for food and hunting dangerous game are especially difficult. Rangers are often paid well by the warlords they serve.

Fewer rogues exist because there are fewer affluent targets for their tricks and scams. Now most rogue’s serve as scouts for raiders.

The only known natural magic casters have been the Orcs of the southern Marutu tribe. Rumors of others exist, but their abilities would make them the object of persecution.

All wizards were trained at Veronian towers. With training came an obligation to serve the Republic for life. Any remaining wizards are rare and were strangly left behind by the vanished Veronians.

Classes of Tyrallyl

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